Identify the nudibranchs of Southern California and the Eastern Pacific with this full color, high resolution ID Card. Laminated and waterproof, perfect to take along on the dive boat. $9.95 + CA sales tax in state. Single card, two sided.

Second edition (March 2006). Species list and details below. 7 additional species of nudibranchs and opisthobranchs, up-to-date scientific names, addtitional common names, up to date with the latest edition of Eastern Pacific Nudibranchs by David W. Behrens & Alicia Hermosillo.

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Two great nudibranch books: 45 Nudibranch and Opisthobranch Species:
  • Acanthodoris hudsoni, Hudson's Dorid
  • Acanthodoris lutea, Yellow Dorid
  • Acanthodoris rhodoceras, Red Tipped Dorid
  • Aegires albopunctatus, White Spotted Dorid *
  • Ancula gibbosa, Humped Ancula *
  • Aplysia californica, Sea Hare *
  • Atagema alba, White Dorid *
  • Austraeolis stearnsi, Stearn's Aeolid, formerly Facelina stearnsi †
  • Berthella californica, California's Berthella ‡
  • Berthellina ilisima, Orange Blob *
  • Cadlina limbaughorum, Limbaugh's Cadlina
  • Cadlina luteomarginata, Yellow Edged Cadlina
  • Cadlina sparsa, Sprinkled Cadlina ‡
  • Chromodoris macfarlandi, MacFarland's Chromodorid
  • Cuthona divae, Dr. Diva's Cuthona ‡
  • Dendrodoris behrensi, Dave's Dendrodoris †‡
  • Dendronotus diversicolor, Multicolored Dendronotus (mating, two color variations) ‡
  • Dendronotus sp.
  • Diaulula sandiegensis, San Diego Dorid
  • Dirona picta, Decorated Dirona ‡
  • Doriopsilla albopunctata, White Spotted Porostome
  • Doriopsilla spaldingi, George's Dorid *
  • Doris montereyensis, Monterey's Dorid, formerly Archidoris montereyensis †‡
  • Doris odhneri, Odhner's Dorid
  • Flabellina iodinea, Spanish Shawl, mating, with eggs
  • Flabellina trilineata, Three Lined Aeolid
  • Hermissenda crassicornis, Hermissenda ‡
  • Hypselodoris californiensis, Californian Chromodorid
  • Janolus barbarensis, Santa Barbara Janolus
  • Limacia cockerelli, Cockerell's Dorid
  • Mexichromis porterae, Porter's Chromodorid
  • Navanax inermis, Navanax
  • Okenia rosacea, Hopkin's Rose
  • Peltodoris mullineri, Mulliner's Dorid ‡
  • Peltodoris nobilis, Sea Lemon
  • Phidiana hiltoni, Hilton's Aeolid
  • Polycera atra, Black Dorid
  • Polycera hedgpethi, Hedgpeth's Dorid
  • Polycera tricolor, Three Colored Polycera ‡
  • Rictaxis puncocaelatus, Spotted Rictaxis *
  • Thordisa bimaculata, Two-spotted Thordisa ‡
  • Triopha catalinae, Clown Nudibranch
  • Triopha maculata, Spotted Triopha
  • Tritonia festiva, Festive Triton
  • Tylodina fungina, Mushroom Sidegill *
3 Nudibranch Wanna-bes:
  • Eupentacta quinquesemita, White Sea Cucumber
  • Eurylepta californica, Flatworm
  • Prostheceraeus bellostriatus, Flatworm
2nd Edition Changes:
* Species added
Improved Photo
† Scientific name changed
‡ Common name added

The species are sorted on the card alphabetically.

Photos by Judy Carlson, Roger Carlson, Jim Lyle, Margaret Webb, Scott Webb.

All photos copyrighted.